My first session in the gym

For my first gym session, I put on all of my gym clothes and then headed to the gym at around 6am to avoid it being busy as I was afraid of being judged as I didn’t know what to do. I remember walking to the gym feeling super nervous, thinking “How do I even access the gym?”. The first gym I went to had one of those pods where you have to enter your unique member code, step into the pod and then walk through into the gym. Obviously I didn’t know it off by heart yet, so I opened my gym confirmation email and typed it in. BOOM I WAS IN!! Even completing this part gave me a great sense of achievement.

The first thing that I did when I entered the gym was locate the male changing room, I didn’t want to awkwardly stand around and look at everything, so I figured I would take a slow walk towards it whilst taking a look around so I could choose where I would like to start. I had done it, I chose a machine that I will go to… right after taking my nervous pee in the toilet. So as I walk out I notice someone had gone onto the machine that I planned to use, after a minor panic I found a bicep curling machine, this seemed like an ideal place to get started on my journey of gains! I sat down and put the weight on 12kg, my worst fear was not being able to lift it and someone would notice. It turns out I was already much stronger than I had first anticipated and I completed my first ever set of 8 reps. I felt like Arnold Schwarzenegger at this point even though my overall body weight was 54kg.. I then completed two more sets of 8 and felt on top of the world! It was at this point that I realized I can totally do this and my confidence grew substantially.

My overall goal for my first session was to try as many machines as possible and ignore the free weights section, so I continued onto the next machine which was a triceps extension. Again, I put the weight to 12kg and attempted to complete a set. This machine turned out to be a lot easier than the previous one, so me feeling like I’m a bodybuilder already bumped up the weight and completed two more sets. I was over the moon at this point and was thinking “What was I so nervous about?”. I continued trying out a wide variety of the machines such as leg press, shoulder press, assisted tricep dips.

I hadn’t even checked the time at this point but when I did I realized I had been in the gym for just under an hour! My arms had a weird feeling of tightness and I couldn’t quite bend my arms around my back like usual. I felt accomplished but VERY tired and decided to call it a day there. My walk out of the gym wasn’t like an anxious skinny dude anymore, but I was walking with swagger as if I owned the place.

Right after leaving the gym I headed straight back home and I became unbelievable hungry, so I cracked 5 eggs and made a large portion of scrambled eggs with toast, I had worked out for a whole hour after all, I deserved this. Straight after destroying my first post gym meal, I lay down on my bed and ending up having a nap for 2 hours, I didn’t even shower..ew!

My body wasn’t aching yet and I remember thinking in my head “Is this the ache that everyone cries about? Pfft”. But OH BOY the next morning when I woke up it was hell. Even just getting up out of bed was a struggle, let alone putting on my socks in the morning! Once I stopped feeling sorry for myself I thought about how proud I was that I had signed up to the gym and actually went.

This was the beginning of my fitness journey and I will never forget it! I hope my story made you smile at times and maybe even inspired you to considering trying it out.

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